Augmented Intelligence

Changing The Way We Educate & Living Forever Through AI.


With Augmented Intelligence, we explore how we can interact with technology in more natural and intuitive ways, resulting in applications that complement everyday human behaviour. What will happen when almost everyone and everything on the planet is digitally connected? What will it mean when artificial intelligence can sense and learn from the world around us? And how can we use design to create a better experience around data to improve our everyday lives?


In time we could be switching our phones for a pair of AR glasses. That means we’re once more heading for a change in the way we interact with and understand computers. AR, voice, gestures, haptics, AI, etc are all to some extent likely to be components of an extended reality (XR) interaction paradigm to accompany such a movement.

How would you envision and exemplify the next computer interaction paradigm? And how do you ensure the interaction becomes more human and humane? 

Press play below for my video introduction;

Below you’ll find my response to the brief above in 10 slides. Please click on the first slide to get a zoomed-in view, then utilise the left and right arrows to navigate the presentation.

Press play below for a video run-through of the ‘Call Papa’ webpage (work in progress), not live yet;

Individual elements from the site;

Below you’ll find some of my previous work that I feel is relevant for this potential forthcoming project;


Liminal Edge

My MFA Thesis Piece. An interactive installation using large blocks of ice as a surface for projection, with moveable paper pieces in a large scale paper and fabric sculpture designed in incubate its audience. The piece was inspired by the hospital stay and death of my beloved father. Pancakes were cooked live in the installation space for smell and taste. Sound designed to create a feeling of underwater suspension.

New Sketch_03.png

The Fish in Tilt Brush

My first Google Tilt Brush sketch.

Created in The Vive, virtual reality headset. This is some of the most fun I have ever had drawing or sketching, and I live to sketch and draw! Hoping to make more soon.


The Postcard Project

The internet eliminates the physical journey of a message. Physical journey has an impact. Humans are changing with technology. Much of our contact and interactions are being replaced by internet searches, texts and email. Postcards are becoming a nostalgic reminder of simpler times. I sent wet oil-paint postcards, wrapped in plastic, all over the world. The art was made by any person or machine who touched it along the way as it dried.


Walt Disney Imagineers

I was one of sixteen students selected to participate in an intensive, six week Blue Sky Idea Development process with Walt Disney Imagineering, at the world famous Glendale campus. Under the mentorship of Imagineers, we worked in groups of four to develop a project from an initial idea to a fully realised presentation, and pitched to Walt Disney Executives. Above is my jelly, lights and paper sculpture above illustrating our final proposal.


Froosh Salad

Experiments in ChormaDepth and 3D.

I projected animation onto the water surface in a kitchen bowl, with black ink and glitter added as a performance for as many spectrums of 3D as possible.


Between You and Me

Password: forever

A hand-drawn animation made on iPad. The piece was inspired by the hospital stay and subsequent death of my beloved father. In French and English.

Thank you for the time you’ve taken to consider my application.

It would be an honour to work with you at Space10.

Mange tak! Siân.