The Postcard Project 

Global, Summer 2016

A pile of freshly wrapped (still wet) postcards, ready to begin their journey through the postal service system. (Picture 2)

The Postcard Project:

- an international, interactive experiment designed to examine the traces left behind by the mystery journey a humble postcard takes through the world's postal services. 

How it started:

- the internet eliminates the physical journey of an object. Physical journey has an impact. Humans are changing with technology. Much of our contact and interactions are being replaced by internet searches, texts and email. Postcards are becoming a nostalgic reminder of simpler times.

Touch. Communication. Love. This is what the card and the paint represent. 

How it works: 

- I asked my friends, family around the world if they'd like to receive a postcard; no ordinary postcard. One of a series of quick oil-painted postcards, that would still be wet when the card arrives at their individual final destinations, under the cover of a clear plastic wrap so's not to destroy other patrons mail. I hoped the marks of the mysterious journey through international postal services will be imprinted on the moveable paint as it traveled across the globe. I took a picture of each card just before it was wrapped, and I ask that when each recipient receive it, they carefully take the card from the plastic, pin it to a wall or someplace safe and take a picture too, and send it to me via email.

Uploaded by Sian Bliss on 2018-03-13.