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P-oodle-ing, you say? Whatever could you mean...

It is to post-a-doodle, poodle! 

This project began at the end of December 2017, a sister project to 2016's Post Card Project. The idea is simple. Send a doodle (on any paper, napkin, card, scrap paper) to a participant anywhere in the world. The journey through the multiple postal services is naturally imprinted into the piece. Perhaps it's torn, perhaps it's smudged. The mystery will be revealed upon arrival at its destination. This is a fun surprise gift for an unsuspecting friend. Simple send their address though the form below and they will get poodled! A donation would be gratefully received and go in equal parts towards The Brain Aneurysm Foundation ( www.bafound.org ) and my graduate thesis piece ( ___ )

Thank you! 



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