Cartoon Network // Adult Swim // New Years Off The Air Special 

Los Angeles, 2015

Created animated content contribution for Adult Swim's "New Years Off The Air Special", along with other artist. Full details and credits below.

Created by Dave Hughes

Full Credits: 

Adult Swim

Published on Dec 29, 2015


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Created by Dave Hughes.  NEWNOW Titles titles by Natalia Stuyk BBC Birds of Paradise provided by Getty Bird of Paradise Hook Up by Jamie Margary Amalgam by Jack Turpin Totally Normal by Andrew Benson Hug by Julia Pott Ghillie OneWheel footage by David Lewandowski Morgan3000 by Benjamin Janos-Szabo Hunter BDAY/KSS/TMLSS/LST_RLM by Kidmograph Landscapes by Amy Lockhart drone footage by Renee Lusano Cavernous Womb by Annapurna Kumar Last Ex Girl Seizure by Gabriel Mangold Swirls by Masanobu Hiraoka Wake Up To The New Now by Matthew Silver additional animated loops by Zachary Zezima Kevin Eskew Annapurna Kumar Julia Newhide Jack Turpin Alan Jennings Andrew Benson Allegra Jones Adriana Trukillo Benjamin Janos-Szabo Hunter Rachel Seropian Tim Brown Gina Maune Dina Kelberman Kaylee SooHyun Lee Ana Mouyis Sian Bliss Maureen Kuo Pursuer song by Sound of Ceres It Can Feel So Good song by Zammuto What's It Like There Tomorrow song by Zach Schimpf I Think I'm A Ghost song by Ed Schrader's Music Beat Change Your Life (You Can Do It) song by Dan Deacon Laurie song by EMA editing and graphics by Dave Hughes