Liminal Edge 

Thesis Installation, CalArts, March 2018 

Projection into water, onto ice and paper. Interactive. 

CalArts Photo Archive

Liminal Edge - My MFA Thesis Piece. An interactive installation using large blocks of ice as a surface for projection, with moveable paper pieces in a large scale paper and fabric sculpture designed in incubate its audience. The piece was inspired by the hospital stay and death of my beloved father. Pancakes were cooked live in the installation space for smell and taste. Sound designed to create a feeling of underwater suspension. 

Sound Design by Joshua Westerman 

Special Thanks to Theodor Kristjansson, Neils Bugge, Ana Perez-Lopez, C. Lily Ericsson, Bethan Jones-Williams, Viviana Naranjo Martin, Hannah Sidiner, Dana Eitches, Alexi Ghering, Paul Vester, MFA Class of 2018, Cameron Creath and more.